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Drop me a note, I'd love to hear from you.  Music is so many different things to different people.  What were your impressions?  What images did you see when you listened? Did I hit or miss 'the mark'?


It's all good and any critique is encouraged and helpful.

about me ...

Okay, this is the hard part - about me.  Hmmm.  I'm just an average guy with a 'dad bod', glasses, shaved head, and two cats.  Sounds glamourous, doesn't it?  Maybe I should focus on music . . .


I started composing music in high school for small ensembles and symphonic band, and minored in music in college.  Although mostly self-taught, I love to study the music of Bach, Britten, Brahms, Prokofieff, Kodály, Glass, and William Walton.


Some people at work put on headphones and play music to obscure the office din.  I can't do that!  I put on headphones and my work stops - music is all I can do.  Listening to music takes me away from where I am, into the music, its color, its emotion.


Over the last decade, I've written many concert pieces and incidental works.   My incidental pieces have been used as underscoring for award winning magicians and illusionists in the Pacific Northwest.


Concert Piece 7 was premiered in 2013, and Passacaglia was a first place winner in the Brazosport College competition in 2013. Heroic Overture has been played by the Seattle Festival Orchestra and the Northwest Symphony Orchestra.  In 2014, I completed a requiem in memory of my mother and in 2015 completed an orchestral suit based on the H.P. Lovecraft story “at the Mountain of Madness”.

Take a listen to my piano concerto, Seventh Second.




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